10 Box San Jiu 999 Wei Tai Capsules Gastritis Jiao Nang

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Reducing inflammation, checking pains, rectifying qi and fortifying stomach. It can be used for superficial gastritis, erosive gastritis and atrophic gastritis.

Chinese herbalists routinely used the herbal Wei-Tai 999 Capsules as a remedy for gastrointestinal discomfort. These capsules are extremely effective at relieving lower digestive upset when they are selectively delivered to the site of action in the intestines.

Years of research has produced a system that releases the essence of these herbs at the particular site in the intestines. This product is for individuals who realize the potential for including herbs as part of their supplement regime. For various chronic gastritis, superficial gastritis, erosionalgastritis, atrophic gastritis, etc.

Main Ingredience:
Caulis Seu Cacumen Euodiae Leptae 30%
Folium et Cacumen Murrayae 30%
Radix Paeoniae Alba 5%
Radix Zanthoxyli 5%
Radix Rehmanniae 10%
Radix Scutellariae 10%
Poria 10%

0.5g/capsule * 12 capsules/box

Dosage & Direction:
Take orally, 2-4 capsules each time ( 3 capsules recommended ), twice daily

Recommended For:
acid stomach, Acid Reflux
chronic gastritis
superficial gastritis
atrophic gastritis
erosional gastritis

Do not use if pregnant.

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