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DIGESTRON FOR HEARTBURNDigestron is an herbal supplement containing Paeonia, Poria, Cinnamomum,Atractylodes, Codonopsis, Alpinia, Coptis, Dioscorea, and Piper. It is not adigestive enzyme. Rather, it increases secretion of digestive enzymes andreduces bloating and gas. Additionally, it helps normalise stomach acidity andcontrols involuntary stomach/intestinal muscle contractions for better fooddigestion. Because Digestron reduces H. pylori, it is also beneficial to GERDcaused by the bacteria. It also strengthens and repairs stomach and intestinalmembranes that might have been damaged through GERD and other digestivedisorders. Table 1 lists the various functions of Digestron.Additional supplements for GERD included Asparagus Extract, AGG, BambooExtract and CFC. Since bacteria grows in acidic conditions, Asparagus Extracthelps turn your body alkaline, making it difficult for the bacteria to grow.AGG contains astragalus, which promotes the body’s immunity. CFC is good forcontrolling yeast, which originates in the colon. Acidophilus is alsobeneficial for this purpose. If belching causes sore throat and burning, addBamboo Extract. It has anit-microbial activity, which is especially good forthe esophagus.

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