Digestive Enzymes Featured In New York Times Omni Zimes by High Vibe Health & Healing, 150 Cap Prescription For A Healthy Digestive System, Mend Acid Reflux & Heartburn, Detoxify, Vegetarian, Boost Immunity & Energy Look & Feel Beautiful Made In USA

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Omni Zimes by High Vibe Health & Healing are packed with 13 different enzymes with a broad range of plant based enzymes in one formulation. Designed to be taken regularly to aid digestion, promote detoxification & maintain a healthy digestive tract.

Omni Zimes was recently featured in a New York Times article about nutritionists prescribing digestive enzymes for maximum health. West Coast Celebrities Drew Barrymore & Channing Tatum are reportedly taking enzymes daily & in New York City High Vibe is a hot spot for celebrities & models in search of high quality supplements designed to keep them healthy, energized & beautiful.

What will taking Omni Zimes do for me?

Reduce gas, bloating, indigestion & adverse stomach acidity.
Enable those regularly taking antacids for heartburn & acid reflux to gradually ween off medications as your acidity levels restore to a normal state
Reduce cravings for fast unhealthy food
Reduce inflammation & tired lethargic feelings after meals
Increase immunity by reducing metabolic stress.
Increase energy, alertness & digestion efficiency
Encourage complete assimilation, reducing fermentation & putrefaction of undigested foods in the intestine.
Aid in the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, dairy, sugar & starch, plus nuts, seeds, beans & cabbage
Provide balance for those with a poor diet consisting of fast food

Enzymes are perhaps our most important nutrients. Without enzymes, we die. Once we have attained full growth, there is a slow & gradual decrease in the enzyme content of our bodies. To ensure one has an adequate amount of daily enzymes is to consume a diet high in raw foods supplemented with a high-potency, broad-spectrum digestive enzyme supplement such as Omni Zimes.

High Vibe Health & Healing helping people reach their goals for personal health, fitness & beauty since 1994. Warm Regards From New York City.

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