Mega Stem:
Helps to regenerate tissues and damaged organs A good palliative to some drugs side effects Aging retardant An excellent supplement for chronic diseases ? Description: Latest scientific findings show adult Stem Cells derived from the bone marrow help to regenerate, heal, and repair dead or damaged cells in organs and tissues. Why do I need Mega Stem? When adolescence and youth ends, the number and quality of adult Stem Cells that circulate in our body gradually decreases damaging organs and tissues. MEGA STEM contains high concentration of aphanizomenon, an aquatic plant natural extract that helps the body to maintain healthy adult stem cell physiology, and it also stimulates their regeneration and reproduction. Aside from this, MEGA STEM is one of the only products in the market reinforced with additional Stem Cells, achieving faster and long-lasting recovery. Cymbopil: 1 Drop 3 Times a day 28 Days… 100% Natural. Cymbopil is the result of years of research in different countries around the world. In 1983 the Australian researchers Marshal and Warren demonstrated that a bacterium called Campylobacter, today known as Helicobacter Pylori is the cause of 80% of gastritis and gastric ulcers. Gastritis has become a concern of public health across the world; in Mexico 8 of every 10 people have the disease. Bactericidal property of the Lemon Tea Plant was to fight the Helicobacter Pyloti. This was only known as an anti-inflammatorily, analgesic and bronchodilator. This is the reason that Bactericidal is the main ingredient in Cymbopil. The extract of the lemon tea plant has an antihypertensive and hypoglycemic affect (lowers blood pressures and blood sugar levels), by which we fortified the formula with homeopathy for the people with hypertension or with low levels of blood glucose.

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