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We treat anemia with Primed 5 FEROMED
Primed 5 feromed heals symptoms of gout, anemia caused by iron deficiency and has a beneficial effect on the digestive system.
Basis action of Primed 5 feromed:
hemoglobin increases and so the amount of iron in blood
helps digestion
heals gastritis and ulcers
purifies blood and cleanse the blood vessels
This supplement is based on honey, combined with herbs from certified organic crops.
How does Primed 5 feromed work?
Due to its organic composition and quality ingredients, this product is easily absorbed at digestive level. Compared with tablets or capsules with same action, Primed 5 shows a four time greater efficiency and results can be seen in short time.
The product is 100% natural in its composition does NOT have artificial ingredients like emulsifiers, steroids or preservatives, so does not have side effects or contraindications. The efficiency of this product is multiple, with both direct action, increasing iron level in blood, and indirect, on the gastric system. In addition, has the ability to increase immunity.
In the stomach, Primed 5 feromed is acting like a gastric bandage, working to recover mucosa in diseases like gastritis, ulcer and is a good treatment in fighting with Helicobacter pylori.

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