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Olnatura BIOGAXTRIC / VITAESTRES Two Dietary Supplements that Complement Each Other; One May Relieve Heartburn, Generally Caused by Occasional Tension; and the Other one, Helps Prevent Occasional Stress. 100%Natural Supplement Pack of 2 (30/60 Caps) Average rating: , based on reviews from to
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This package is recommended for people who are under constant stress and suffer gastritis. VitaEstres is an effective formula for handling stress. Supplementing your diet with Vita Estres enables you to achieve a higher degree of health and wellness and helps you to prevent a large number of ailments. And, Biogaxtric is a dietary supplement that helps fight the pain of gastritis because it lines, regenerates and helps heal the stomach wall. It is a very complete multi-task formula that targets the bacteria causing ulcers.

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